Are you going through a challenging time in your life? Is there something you've held on to by yourself for so long and want to work through? Are you just not feeling as good as you want to? 


I strongly believe in meeting the client where they are. Therapy should make people feel as comfortable as possible while giving them a chance to improve their lives. Therapy is also about finding the right match. Clients should feel a sense of acceptance and connection with their therapist.

Alexander Rand LCSW-R CASAC is a licensed clinical social worker and addictions therapist. He received his master’s degree from Fordham University. He has worked in both inpatient and outpatient facilities, at various high schools in Brooklyn, and as an administrative supervisor for JBFCS.


He currently serves as an Adjunct Professor at

Wurzweiler Graduate School of Social Work. 




His advanced trainings include:


Certification in EMDR

IFS Level 3 Trained


TFCBT- Trauma Focused CBT 

Motivational Interviewing

E/RP treatment for OCD from The International OCD Foundation

(Exposure and Response Prevention)


1801 Ocean Avenue Suite 1D

Brooklyn NY, 11230